LED lighting for the home, how much does it cost?

LED lighting for the home, how much does it cost?

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The light bulbs to technology LED guarantee a high energy saving and with mass production, i prices they have become more than accessible. A LED bulb latest generation consumes less than 20 percent of one light bulb conventional and offers performances, such as duration and light intensity, far superior.

In a domestic context, the transition toled illumination it can take place without causing damage to the family economy; indeed, in the long term the family will be able to benefit from a economic savings on the electricity bill.

We cannot estimate a price precise for the transition from conventional lighting toled illumination but we can report examples using i as a reference model prices market proposed by high efficiency bulbs by Samsung.

A LED bulb Samsung, with E27 bulb and which consumes 10.8 W of power and emits 810 lumens of white light, is offered on the web at a price of 17 euros. On Amazon it is offered at 21.99 euros including shipping. The 10.8 W LED bulb would replace the bulbs that consume 60 W at home!

With just 3.6W of power, the same is guaranteed brightness (250 lumen) emitted by a 25 W bulb. With E27 bulb, this one LED bulb Samsung, on Amazon is found at 9.99 euros, always with shipping included in the price.

If we need more brightness, the LED bulb Lighting Ever will be perfect. On Amazon it is offered at 21.50 euros, price including shipping costs. The LED bulb produces a luminous intensity of 1080 lumens consuming only 12W of electricity. This LED bulb it can very well replace a 90W incandescent bulb.

Led illumination. Do you really save money?
In this article we have reported the concrete example of a company that has managed to drastically cut the prices of the electricity bill through the combined use of LED and photovoltaic technology. The municipality of Livorno has replaced 468 lighting fixtures con led bulbs and so it succeeds save 68,142 kWh per year, a very high amount of energy! Even at home the savings on your bill it is insured, just think that each LED bulb installed consumes about 1/6 of the energy required by your old bulb.


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