Wilkinson Residence, passive building

Wilkinson Residence, passive building

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What if a Hobbit of the County, meets Ewok of the wooded moon of Endor and they decide to build a house together? Bilbo Beggins cannot bring us his testimony but we are almost certain that the result would be very similar to that obtained by Robert Oshatz with the Wilkinson Residence. The residence is located in the lush woods of Portalnd, Oregon.

It was built in 2004 and offers a rather particular setting, a mix of futuristic and rustic design. The construction uses natural materials and elements with high environmental sustainability. It is a passive structure able to fascinate all its guests.

The Residence looks like a kind of "tree house", there is no shortage of glass walls and scenography worthy of a science fiction film. The structure is full of curves, the architect used glulam beams that penetrate through the glass walls to give a dynamic sense.

The Wilkinson Residence seems to have come out of a Tolkien novel!
The main entrance has a series of ribs and almost resembles a tunnel. The trees cover the outermost surfaces and the foliage of the firs and maples envelops the large windows acting like a natural curtain.

The openings provide natural ventilation and the materials used ensure radiant heating. Each space flows continuously with the surrounding one, thus, the Wilkinson Residence it merges completely with the wooded area. What to say? Only Gandalf or a Jedi Knight missing!

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