Tolbachik, the volcanic eruption to see online

Tolbachik, the volcanic eruption to see online

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If you have good geographical knowledge or have played Risk, you know where Kamchatka is located. The Tolbachik it's a volcanic complex right of this peninsula, in the easternmost part of Russia. The Tolbachik area is made up of two volcanoes, Plosky Tolbachik almost 3100 meters high, still in activity, and Ostry Tolbachik with an altitude of 3682 meters and no longer active. Its eruptive history dates back thousands of years, the most striking eruption occurred in 1975 and only a few days ago, the Tolbachik gave the world incredible images.

The show was captured and a is available online interactive video 360 °. The breathtaking video was taken from above. There are those who risk death to get excited with similar images, this time it is possible to do so while sitting comfortably at home, the video is available from the web page indicated at the end of the article.

The Tolbachik volcano he woke up after 36 years of inactivity. The first activities were recorded on November 27, 2012, last December it began with the throwing of ashes and debris that reached a height of 4 kilometers. This event destroyed the scientific station that studied the Tolbachik complex.

We are in February and the activity of Tobachik Polsky it has not yet ceased. The area is subject to strong seismic activities and rumbles. While the residents do everything to get away, the activity volcanic attracts an intense tourist incoming, on the spot there is no shortage of photographers, lovers of nature and of extreme tourism.

There are numerous tourists who came from all over the globe to witness this natural phenomenon. Breathtaking scenery and incredible images. The price is equally incredible: for an excursion near the erupting crater, enthralled visitors pay up to 1,000 euros. In addition to the vent there are also several active cracks in the north-east and south-west of the Tobachik Polsky, the active volcano of the Tobachik complex.

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