Aruba launches e-commerce month

Aruba launches e-commerce month

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The web offers the opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of the traditional store and to increase sales both nationally and abroad. However, Italy does not seem to fully grasp this potential, as shown by recent research according to which only 29% of companies exploit Internet to sell goods or services (source Business International).

Perhaps it is appropriate to think about it. If you have a Online shop or if you are somehow interested in following the trend of e-commerce, maybe you will like to know that Aruba launched the month of e-commerce, which has already begun and continues for another three weeks. The objective of the campaign is precisely to show the potential of the web.

How does it work? Aruba provides daily posts and practical guides through company social profiles, dedicating each week to a specific topic. On the company's Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and Youtube pages, there are videos, tutorials and guidebooks that explain how to move according to the type of goods sold (physical, virtual, or booking).

The first week is dedicated to the first steps: 3 simple steps to create your e-commerce, the range of templates available, how to upload images to create slideshows and galleries, payment and shipping methods;

The second week focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the usefulness of tags, how to make yourself more visible through search engines, link building and mini vocabulary;

The third week the contents will be linked to Web Marketing tools: cross-selling, newsletters, creating coupons, promos and discounts, how to create product packages, links to the Market Place and free shipping;

The fourth weekfinally, focus on e-commerce trends in Italy and around the world: the Italian e-commerce scenario in 2012, the mobile version, social commerce, the Facebook shop and internationalization.

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