Hotel Lotus, the city in the desert

Hotel Lotus, the city in the desert

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The cinise will never cease to amaze us. The country's economy is growing rapidly and with it the population. When trying to talk about the human rights and the living conditions of the Chinese people enter a real minefield; the fact is that the strong demographic growth and consequent urbanization have led Chinese developers to develop solutions for setting up new cities, even in non-hospitable areas such as the Xiangshawan desert. This is how China invents a new city, it will rise 800 kilometers from Beijing, where the inhabitants will live in a sort of "Hotel" village.

L'Lotus Hotel was designed by PLaT Architects, it is a prefabricated a low environmental impact. China did not design the hotel to respect the environment but to adapt it to the extreme conditions of Xiangshawan desert. In fact, they will not be used for the construction of the hotel water resources and no foreign import materials will be used, this is nothing new for China!

Only locally sourced materials will be used for the construction. The most exciting factor is the energy requirement. To solve the problem of setting up a eletricity grid 800 kilometers long, theLotus Hotel it will self-generate theelectric energy it needs, even thewater it will not need water pipes.

L'Lotus Hotel will occupy an area of ​​30,000 square meters, consists of a series of prefabricated buildings made up of steel elements that will be planted in the sand. The prefabricated structure is windproof, which is why theLotus Hotel it will not need foundations: there are only a few load-bearing walls responsible for the integrity of the entire building.

The plaster was made with a mixture of desert sand which, respecting the environment, manages to give a pleasant appearance to the entire structure. The name of the structure is inspired by the flower shape it assumes when viewed from above. The city of Lotus is part of a project called "Net-Zero Desert City", "The desert city without a net ", the name refers to the fact that the city does not need an electricity and water network. The works will start in March 2013.

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