Photovoltaic in Sardinia

Photovoltaic in Sardinia

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The efficient and rational use of energy resources is spreading and has not spared the Sardinian island. The number of photovoltaic systems of Sardinia is on the rise. 6,000 installations were registered in 2012. The growth trend of the photovoltaic sector in Sardinia is decidedly positive.

According to the data held by EnergoClub Onlus and disclosed by Gse (Energy Services Manager), there are 6,225 in Sardinia photovoltaic systems, thanks to which, the region wins the eighth place in the national ranking. The incentive system of the Fourth and Fifth Energy Bill, updated as at 31 October 2012, played a crucial role.

For the Sardinia the turning point came this year. The region was still at the eleventh position in Italy in 2011. The data disclosed by Gse confirm an excellent growth trend, especially with regard to the number of plants, other progress must be made on the power of the installations which is struggling to reach 114,000 kW. Better data, for installed power, come from Calabria and Campania, the first with 117,000 kW and the second with 145,000 kW.

To continue promoting the renewable energies on Sardinian territory and to raise awareness among citizens about issues such as energy efficiency and waste that could very well not weigh on the costs in the bill, the EnergoGlub Onlus association has organized a meeting scheduled for Monday 26 November in Porto Torres, at the Sala Museo del Porto and in Ittiri, in the province of Sassari, in v.Boccaccio Auditorium school . During the information evening all the possibilities regarding energy efficiency with an eye to thesolar power, protagonist of the EnergoClub Soleinrete project.

EnergoClub Soleinrete is the project created to support families and small businesses in purchasing a photovoltaic system. Families and small Sardinian businesses can count on a technical consultancy service, guidance, pre and post installation assistance and so on.

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