Freelancer increases job opportunities

Freelancer increases job opportunities

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50,000 new entrepreneurs in six months is a strong promise for Freelancer in Italy, however credible in light of the results achieved by the platform in many other countries around the world. Obviously it is not new captains of industry that we are talking about, at least for the moment, but mostly of professionals who find new jobs and opportunities to increase their income, even if they often go further. In the hope that confusion and precariousness will not also increase, which frankly there is no other need., the world's largest outsourcing and crowdsourcing dedicated to the meeting between supply and demand for independent work, is not an absolute novelty for Italy since it already has numerous registrations from our country (21,000 professionals and approximately 4,500 companies). The new fact is the launch in mid-November of the Italian version of the site, with a press announcement that speaks of 50,000 new entrepreneurs per month.

What about Australians of Freelancer? Welcome to Italy! In a moment of profound crisis of the Italian economic system, with unemployment reaching 10.8% in September and over 35% among young people under 25, the new opportunities are like rain after drought, or at least hopefully.

The numbers are comforting. Freelancer, with over 2.5 million projects inserted since its creation to date, it really seems to offer a concrete solution to both those who are looking for a job or a way to supplement your income, both to companies that need it qualified, flexible and cost-effective professionals.

The platform has so far already helped over 4 million people around the world a create and develop an independent business, allowing them to transform their ideas into profitable activities: in a country like Italy where the desire to do business is not lacking, while other things are lacking, a platform like this can certainly facilitate the birth and development of new businesses.

Let's add some information. is a company founded in 2004 in Australia and today has over 4.4 million users in over 240 countries. Since its creation it has allowedoutsourcing of over 2.5 million projects worldwide for a total value of more than 650 million dollars. The operating model is similar to that of eBay but, instead of selling and offering goods, it allows companies and professionals to offer and buy services.



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