Wind power for the home

Wind power for the home

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We often talk about photovoltaic systems for home use but how we are put with the wind turbines? Wind energy is an inexhaustible source and with the most modern technologies even domestic environments can benefit from it.

Before proceeding with the search for the wind turbine to be installed in our garden, we can understand how much the device would make us in terms of energy. To do this we need to keep in mind the windiness of the area where we live. I am available online wind maps and it is possible to measure the potential return of a domestic wind power plant using a simulator for Renewable Energy, a complete tool is made available by Enel.


L'wind power for the home is affordable? Generally it is about 2,000 / 3,000 euros for systems between 10 and 20 kW but you can opt for mini wind turbines of only 6 kW. For those who do not mind expenses, with an investment of about 140,000 euros, a production of about 80 kWh per year could be ensured, that is, generating energy equal to 24,000 euros for each year of operation of the device mini wind. The estimates were made considering a wind level of at least 1300-1400 hours;

That of the mini wind is an undervalued sector and constitutes the domestic solution towind energy. With the Mini Wind it is possible to obtain a power of 6 kw by installing a turbine with a height of less than 8 meters. At this link all the information necessary to proceed with the adoption of thewind power for the home:
- turbine capacity based on size
- use of turbines
-practices necessary to complete the request for the installation of wind turbines
-calculation of the suction power
-division by sizes: from xs for a few hundred watts to xl

As for the choice of turbine, the market offers a great variety. From the classics mini wind turbines Bornay (some are so small that they weigh less than 30 kg!), To the most innovative wind turbines and less conventional shapes such as the EcoWhisper (characterized by maximum silence), the WindOrcharld (with rather competitive prices with a good quality / price ratio) and the Harmowind designed for courtyard installation.

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