WindOrchard, the economic wind power

WindOrchard, the economic wind power

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L'wind energy it's a renewable source and the wind, on which it depends, is inexhaustible and free. To catch the wind you need wind farms. Before installing a wind power plant several factors must be assessed: the occupation of the territory, the visual impact, the noise, the effects on the fauna and interference on telecommunications. For these reasons many researchers are moving towards the wind turbines they do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Inspired by the sails of theAmericas Cup, the company's researchersWindstrument have made a revolutionary wind turbine which also takes advantage of turbulence. This is the WindOrchard, a conical helicopter turbine that works with very low wind speeds. Thanks to its compact shape it can be installed in urban centers. WindOrchard it is silent and does not pose a problem for birds.

Individual parts are lighter and easier to replace than any blade wind turbine conventional. This involves a minor environmental impact and lower maintenance costs. The dimensions of the turbine are 127 cm in diameter, with a production capacity of 1.2 kW.

Each blade is composed of a particular mixture of materials: 50% are made with recycled fibers of reinforced polypropylene, even if the company's goal is to reach 100% soon. The micro wind turbines they can be installed in residential environments or in a classic way on a pole.

There WindOrchard it has a lower cost than conventional micro-electric turbines and this allows anyone who wants to engage in practices related to eco-sustainable behaviors in a similar investment. The tests have already given very positive results so production will start soon.

Anyone interested in a similar system that can be installed at home can already book a mini wind power plant directly from the manufacturer's web portal Windstrument. Given the expensive bill, the idea of ​​one wind turbine in the house allures!


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