Spin Cell, the photovoltaic of the future

Spin Cell, the photovoltaic of the future

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Efficiency of photovoltaic panels, an essential factor that strengthens the basis for the market and the diffusion of renewable energies. Industry specialists have for years been engaged in the development of new solutions forclean energy.

The photovoltaic perhaps it is at a decisive turning point thanks to a revolutionary system that totally deviates from the usual concept of Solar Panel. A pyramid-shaped panel that seems to be efficient to the point of upsetting forecasts. At this point the question is a must: can a small pyramid generate 20 times more energy than a normal solar panel?

Apparently it is possible thanks toSpin Cell, a new system photovoltaic rotating and cone-shaped. This Solar Panel, made by V3 Solar, looks like an inverted cone, covered with solar cells over its entire surface, the cone is able to rotate. It is equipped with special lenses to ensure the concentration of the sun's rays, plus it has advanced electronics systems for managing the internal apparatus.

The panel inside, inclined by 56 degrees, it rotates on magnets through a minimum conduction of electricity that it collects from the sun. The wholesolar power remaining is converted into electricity and this makes the solar system more efficient in terms of energy conversion, since the rotation prevents overheating of the panels.

The spin rotation maintains the photovoltaic fresh. It also creates a "Dynamic Rate Flash“, A sort of stroboscopic light that serves to hyper-excite the electrons creating in turn more electrical energy.

An absolutely new solution to exploit the precious rays of the sun at all hours of the day, regardless of the inclination of the sun, with results that according toV3Solar could revolutionize the entire industry.

The prototypes are now being tested at third-party companies, which would be interested in purchasing or participating in this revolutionary project in the world of photovoltaic. The results speak of an efficiency equal to about 20 times that of traditional flat panels, an efficiency that could even offer ample room for improvement. Solar cones will be the future of photovoltaic?

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