Electric mobility arrives in Naples

Electric mobility arrives in Naples

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TO Naples, not only virtuous initiatives such as Bee-Green's Mobility Sharing but also events and exhibitions dedicated to the world of electric mobility. The latest example was theE-DAY, held last Tuesday at the headquarters ofCNR Motors Institute. The day saw a technical seminar with the preparation of a free test drive for electric vehicles both two and four wheels. The initiative was sponsored by the municipality of Naples but at the forefront was theANEA, the Neapolitan Energy Environment Agency, which has always been interested in green economy of the Neapolitan.


To open theE-DAY was the seminar on sustainable mobility introduced by the Director of the CNR Motors Institute, Paola Belardini which not only highlighted the many advantages environmental, economic and time of the vehicles a zero emissions, but has also redeemed the female image in a male-dominated context like that of engines.

A hot topic, addressed during the seminar, was the lack of infrastructure ad hoc to facilitate the dissemination of electric vehicles. In this regard he intervened the Councilor for Mobility and Infrastructure of the Municipality of Naples, Anna Donati. The word was not lacking a Michele Macaluso, Director of ANEA which, flanked by the great exponents car manufacturers, could illustrate the best practices and present the most technological and innovative solutions.


The analysis completed by Interactive Market Research expansion, highlighted an important fact: there are more and more citizens interested in buying a electric car, three out of four Italians are in favor of electric mobility and 52% of respondents said that electric is the best technology for mobility of the future.

During the'E-DAY there was no lack of suspense with one of the most current challenges! Can an electric Renault Twizy compete with a diesel Suzuky Swift? Of course it can do it and with exciting results: the Renault Twizy she won the competition by beating rival Suzuky with flying colors.


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