Electricity is depopulated in Milan: ElettroCity makes an encore

Electricity is depopulated in Milan: ElettroCity makes an encore

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An electric Nissan Leaf charging

There European Week of Sustainable Mobility ends with a flourish in Milan, Saturday 22 September, with an unprecedented initiative: the offer - for the first time in Italy - of electric cars and microcars used from the dealerships with very low mileage with unmissable discounts: € 10,000 on a Nissan Leaf with 3,000 KM, up to € 2,000 discount for a Twizy with a mileage of around 1,500 km and 30 months warranty, 30% discount on the price list for 4 I -MIev of Mitusbishi Italy.

The initiative stems from the collaboration between Renord, Renault Milano, and Via Foppa 49, the Retail Lab that invented the multi-brand temporary in Italy and which will celebrate - on Saturday 22 with the extraordinary reopening of one day - the great success of ElettroCity, the event that from 13 to 16 September last celebrated over 2,400 '' electric baptisms '' among the 3,500 participants in what many have called the most beautiful sustainable mobility festival I've ever had Milan.

“We have decided to reopen by appointment on Saturday 22 September - they declared Paolo Manzoni is Luca Mortara, organizers of Electrocitybecause hundreds of people interested in a second test asked us, the many Milanese ready to buy their first electric vehicle with all the assistance and information offered by a multi-brand `` shop '' and many pre-registered at the event unable to come last weekend ".

Virtually all exhibitors of Electrocity have joined the extraordinary reopening initiative and again for this Saturday there will be 50 latest generation electric vehicles - come on personal mover to the most performing cars - available for testing in the premises of Via Foppa 49 (from 9.30 to 18). Compared to last weekend, even more incentives for those who want to join the evangelists and pioneers of electric mobility: discounts between 5 and 20% on the new one and loans up to 72 months with 0 advance for most of the vehicles offered for purchase and on trial.

To make your appointment at ElettroCity, just a phone call to 02.48012162 or send an email to [email protected] with the request and a telephone number for confirmation.

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