Herbae Volant, Fructus Manent

Herbae Volant, Fructus Manent

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Herbae Volant, Fructus Manent. This is how the green market exhibition full of workshops, show cooking, educational workshops, exhibitions and lots of taste. The event will be held on 30 September in Castello di Pieve del Vescovo (Pg) and is presented to the public as a "A journey to discover aromatic herbs and ancient fruits". The re-discovery of taste will also take place through sensory paths.

The Castle of Pieve del Vescovo seems to be the best place for such an event. A usual destination for the Perugian bishops. The Castle has a dense architectural stratification and offers itself as an ideal place for Fructus Manent with his Artistic craftsmanship and with the author's meetings.


On the occasion of Fructus Manent it will be possible to visit the Castello di Piave del Vescovo by booking a free visit at the reception desk. Admission to the event is also free. Herbae Volant, Fructus Manent aims to point a magnifying glass on cultural heritage minors of the Umbria Region. The appointment at the Castello di Piave del Vescovo will be the second stage of 2012, the first appointment was held last spring at the Abbey of the Seven Friars of Pietrafitta.


The debut of Herbae Volant took place in September 2011 and Sunday 30 September will be the third edition. Not only conquest of flavors but also natural and cultural assets that most represent the environment and local traditions.



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