RiccioneApp makes the Green Pearl smart

RiccioneApp makes the Green Pearl smart

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Informed of the birth of RiccioneApp, Mayor Massimo Pironi did not hesitate for a moment to say that yes, before many other tourist resorts, its Green Pearl of the Adriatic “Become part of the smart city. In reality we know that an App is not enough to make a city smart, but the road is the right one and good will must be rewarded.

RiccioneApp is a simple, fast and intuitive guide, able to satisfy the need for information and the curiosity of citizens and tourists. In three languages: Italian, English and Russian. No German because the Teutonic people who invaded the Romagna coast en masse were largely replaced by tourists from the east, always willing to shop.

Usable from smartphones and tablets with IOS system (from next season also for Android) RiccioneApp was designed by the web communication companyAtrative as a container of data collected directly on the territory, easy to use, designed and structured to provide information with very few taps (clicks).

Looking for a hotel? Do you want to taste a special dish? Are you looking for a program for the evening? RiccioneApp is ready to satisfy every need. In fact, the application reviews all the activities that operate in the territorial context of Riccione, currently over 2,000 but with the expectation of having a hyper detailed database in time for the next summer season.

RiccioneApp also works offline and guides the user in finding any service or commercial activity thanks to detailed descriptions accompanied by images, maps, GPS navigation, e-mail, web link and direct telephone call. The historical and cultural events come from collaboration with the Municipality of Ricione, sponsor of the initiative.

RiccioneApp makes use of several integrated functions, such as the search module that allows you to identify a place of interest or an activity or the integrated function of geolocation is satellite navigation which allows you to reach a predefined destination by choosing the best route.

For a constant update of events and news concerning the city and its territory, RiccioneApp is equipped with the system of push notification by which you can warn in real time all users of the latest news.

Among the peculiarities of Ricione App, a social function that allows you to report a specific card to a friend to share info and broaden the opportunity for socialization, communicate directly with the institutions, take advantage of the constantly updated weather function. All accompanied by texts and images that facilitate their use.

"The great innovation lies in the fact that basic information is guaranteed to everyone. There is a strong democratic component in this project that we have identified as a winner also for tourism purposes "Mayor Pironi commented with satisfaction.

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