The Biodiversity Festival in the former Stalingrad of Italy

The Biodiversity Festival in the former Stalingrad of Italy

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Back on Biodiversity Festival. Sesto San Giovanni, on the outskirts of Milan, once the Stalingrad of Italy due to the high concentration of factories but today in reality very different, hosts from 9 to 23 September 15 days of cultural and educational events inspired in 2012 by the intentions ofUN for the International Year of Renewable Energy for everyone.

The Biodiversity Festival, now in its 6th edition, is promoted by North Milan Park and created together with over 30 public and private bodies, including the major environmental associations and some important eco-sustainable companies. With this initiative, the Festival proposes itself as a place of cultural production on sustainability, and Milan can apply to be considered, in view of Expo 2015, Capital of sustainable development.

At renewable energies a large dome-shaped space called the BPM Energy Pavillon is dedicated, where it will be possible to discover the characteristics of clean energy and learn a lot of things thanks to simple exhibits and fascinating experiments. What's this the ecological footprint and how is it calculated? How is it possible save energy? What's this the effect greenhouse and what damage does it create? How is hydrogen produced?

And again: one pump of heat with geothermal probe, one mini hydraulic turbine, a wind generator, an inverter and other technological tools on display (and some in operation!) will allow us to understand all the secrets of renewable energy. Furthermore, during the two weekends of the event, a special playful and scientific path is set up with a shredded leaf, a solar oven, a water clock, a hydraulic thruster and of turning them around.

During the days of the Festival they are scheduled guided tours for everyone and, by reservation, for schools ([email protected] à.it). A large green classroom with numerous naturalistic observation equipment is also dedicated to schools, hedge of butterflies to the condominium with thirty nests and dens of small animals. Students will learn to recognize the paths that energy makes "through" living beings. In the laboratory with the stereomicroscopes the investigations in the field will be deepened.

There is no lack of exhibitions, dedicated to light, wind, forests and art that is inspired by waste materials. And there is one movies Festival dedicated to the theme of renewable and sustainable energy which takes place at the Interactive Cinema Museum of Milan. Finally, a refreshment point is not to be missed, Osteria Gustogiusto, where products that come directly from the farm and homemade ice cream are served in strictly biodegradable plates and glasses.

The FESTIVAL of Biodivesrity is reached in Cascina Centro Parco - via Clerici 150 Sesto San Giovanni. The film festival takes place at the MIC - Interactive Cinema Museum (of the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana) in viale Fulvio Testi 121 c / o ex-Manifattura Tabacchi. INFO:

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