The Umido collection starts in Milan

The Umido collection starts in Milan

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How much waste does Milan produce? L'humid represents 37.4% of the total content of unsorted waste, yet it is organic matter that could be disposed of otherwise. In many cities it is already mandatory to collect thehumid and from 26 November it will also be for Milan. The distribution of bags for the differentiated of the wet. The operation will involve over 400,000 inhabitants, the goal? Double the percentage of differentiated in view of theExpo 2015 so as to go from the current 34% to 65%.

Currently, Milan produces 1,500 kilos of municipal solid waste per minute! This leads to 800 thousand tons of solid waste per year. Until now, among these waste there was also the wet which, being matter biodegradable it could be reused in various industrial sectors and take new life in the form of fertilizer you hate energy from biogas. Each year, a single Milanese inhabitant produces about 41 kilograms of organic waste.

The wet bag it could be particularly annoying. Being organic matter subject to decomposition, this could be a source of bad odors. To overcome this problem, you could opt for other ways:
-use a composter
- use special insulated baskets
-use a Food Waste Disposer

The next November 26 will start the Moist collection in the South-West area of ​​Milan and every six months it will extend to new areas of the city. This first test will involve about 170,000 families and 13,000 house numbers and will bring an increase of 10% to the differentiated Milanese.

There are fines for those who do not comply with the obligation of wet waste collection. For any report, the AMSA, responsible for the collection, has activated a toll-free number: 800.33.22.99.

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