Low cost green residences

Low cost green residences

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In Santa Monica, the Tahiti Affordable Housing, it's not a big hotel or an upscale neighborhood. The residential project "Tahiti"Takes advantage of the development andsustainable architecture to offer green accommodation a affordable prices. We've been talking a lot about lately green building and green constructions; Santa Monica is an example of a green residence that can be for everyone and not just for those who can afford it.

The Sustainable Development it involves every sector, including architecture. Thus was born the green building which has not spared Italy either, where, although we are in full economic crisis, projects such as the one in Gubbio with the Solar Ecovillage or the highly energy-efficient nurseries in Parma are destined to be successful. Of course there is still a long way to go and the Tahiti Affordable Housing can only be an excellent example to follow.

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L'sustainable architecture offers a substantial reduction on electricity bills monthly thanks to specific thermal insulators, large windows and above all to the implementation of renewable energy sources. The Santa Monica Tahiti complex also focuses on the water saving and to do so, it uses rainwater which, through a canal, is conveyed to a recharging basin. The water will not have to be purified because it will be exploited for "operate"A system of"air conditioning natural ”given by a bamboo forest.

In the center of the Tahiti complex stands a bamboo forest which is beautiful to look at and also very useful. The bamboo grove is spanned by two-level bridges and creates a cool microclimate with natural ventilation. The beautiful bamboo forest helps keep the buildings cool.

The complex was designed to provide accommodation for low-income families of Santa Monica. Comply with all certification standards LEED. It is divided into six almost identical buildings, takes advantage of natural light, has a large common courtyard and is equipped with terraces and balconies to facilitate the entry of natural light.

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The project recently won the AIA California Council Merit Award 2012 awarded both for design and for the environmental excellence that characterizes it.

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