Wood and turmeric yellow for the green style kitchen

Wood and turmeric yellow for the green style kitchen

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Team 7's vao kitchen in noble yellow turmeric walnut

Is called vao, was born in Austria and is dominated by the turmeric yellow color kitchen most stylish green of the year. Beautiful, welcoming, functional, something more than one kitchen normal also in the price, vao in the noble walnut version it won over the jury of Green GOOD DESIGN Award 2012 combining noble materials such as wood and glass in a very modern yet artisanal process, which makes it a true work of design art.

“We only produce bespoke furniture in natural wood, which can perfectly respond to individual needs, as well as nature, which is our greatest source of inspiration, adapts its forms harmoniously to the environment that surrounds them ", he said Georg Emprechtinger, sole owner of the Austrian company TEAM 7 creator of the kitchen vao, present at Furniture expo from Milan.

The peculiarities of TEAM 7 are the production of eco-sustainable furniture, the passion for natural wood and craftsmanship. Seven essences used for the creation of the furniture and for the kitchen vao - oak, walnut, maple, cherry, alder, beech, wild beech - all from European hardwood trees from rigidly controlled and certified sustainable forestry.

In kitchen vao, as in all other creations by TEAM 7, the wood is treated only with natural herbal oil, thus remaining free from harmful substances and maintaining its qualities. In this way the wood can breathe and absorb moisture which is then slowly released into the air, always maintaining a warm and pleasant climate; in addition to neutralizing dust and odors and performing an antistatic and antibacterial action.

The details of the kitchen vao and unique in design Team 7 the extra-large drawers, the clever dividers, the joints without any metal parts, and the mechanism Servo Drive, which allows you to conveniently open and close the drawers with a slight pressure, the electronic function Touch and the extraction mechanism LeMans, are some of the applied technologies that make this piece of design unique.

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