How much does packaging pollute? CONAI's Eco Tool says it

How much does packaging pollute? CONAI's Eco Tool says it

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Eco-efficiency of packaging: evaluated with CONAI's Eco Tool

What is theenvironmental impact of packaging what do we use? What actions can be taken to make the more eco-efficient packaging? The answer provides it Eco Tool CONAI, the tool that allows companies associated with the CONAI consortium to evaluate theenvironmental efficiency (eco-efficiency) of its packaging through a comparison, in terms of environmental impact, between the packaging before and after the intervention adopted.

Eco Tool CONAI, made with the support of the company LCE (Life Cycle Engineering), is based on the 'from cradle to cradle'And allows you to calculate, through a simplified LCA analysis (' shipped '), the effects of the prevention actions implemented by companies on their packaging. The result of these analyzes is expressed in:% reduction of CO emissions2; % reduction of energy consumption; % reduction of water consumption.

Eco Tool CONAI is an initiative of the Consortium as part of the 'Think Future’Which includes the activities aimed at disseminating voluntary actions related to prevention among companies, to reward those that concern themselves with the life of packaging in the post-consumer phase and to explore innovative perspectives, linked to the improvement of quality and the rationalization of production processes. CONAI provides the instructions for using the tool.

CONAI is a private non-profit consortium made up of over 1,450,000 packaging manufacturers and users, with the aim of pursuing the objectives of recovery and recycling of packaging materials required by law. “The excellent results achieved in over ten years in recovery and recycling of packaging waste they are the result of a system that has been able to create synergy between businesses, public entities and citizens ”, he said Walter Facciotto, CONAI General Manager. In 2011, the overall recovery result of packaging waste was 74.8%, meaning that 3 out of 4 packages were recovered and recycled.

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