Apples, herbs and flowers from Trentino with chef Cristian Bertol

Apples, herbs and flowers from Trentino with chef Cristian Bertol

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Cristian Bertol, the apples, flowers and herbs of Trentino

This menu full of Trentino applesit is not a novelty only for those who were lucky enough to be on June 23 in the splendid village of Hots, in Val di Sole, during the event Arcadia organized in collaboration with Melinda Consortium. For all other gourmets we propose it again as presented by the starred chef Cristian Bertol during its irresistible show cooking in the square.

Arcadia menu from Val di Sole

Pilau rice salad with golden apples - although Bertol usually prefers rennet for his recipes - is rose petals with elderberry honey. The show coocking had as protagonists, in addition to apples, the herbs and flowers of the Trentino valleys. In this case the roses, cut into julienne strips, give fragrance to the dish.

C.lamb small pasta in potato crust on a cream of courgette flowers. For this second dish, red roses and courgette flowers are the protagonists of the aesthetic presentation of the dish, a fundamental aspect in Bertol's cuisine.

Fillet of suckling pig in a mantle of pancetta with mountain pine on yellow storo polenta. Fillet medallions brushed with mustard and wrapped in bacon alternating with wedges of golden apples and sage on a mountain pine skewer placed on a bed of polenta… a real treat for the palate!

Chocolate soufflé with a tender heart of mint and vanilla, decorated with a caramel sphere made with art and elegance.

Of all the apples produced in Italy, only just over 10%, those produced in Val di Non and in Val di Sole, deserve the blue Melinda sticker and - if they are Golden, Red Delicious or Renetta - also from Protected Designation of Origin, of which no other Italian apple can boast.

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