World Wind Day

World Wind Day

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Yesterday, June 15, 2012, was the World Wind Day, the event that celebrates the oldest source of renewable energy. In Italy, despite the economic crisis, thewind power remains stable and still aims at growth.

2011 closed with an increase in installed power connected to the grid of 950MW, following the positive trend of 2010, and employment is currently around 30,000 employees, with an average annual growth of about 5,000 units. On the occasion of the World Wind Day, today and tomorrow -16 and 17 June-, Italians will have the opportunity to take guided tours in the wind farms of your city.

Despite the clear growth and the power connected to the grid, thewind energy it is too often at the center of numerous controversies regarding the alleged negative impact turbines on birdlife and landscape assets.

About that, Legambiente, in collaboration with theNational Wind Energy Association, has established a monitoring protocol to closely monitor the possible impact of the turbines on birdlife. L'wind power is an important sector for Italy and to confirm this are the words of Edoardo Zanchini, vice president of Legambiente, who pointed out:

Focusing on wind power is in the interest of a country like Italy, because it allows to reduce imports of fossil fuels and production from polluting plants which are, moreover, the main reason for the increases in bills that have occurred in the last 10 years in Italy“.

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