Biomass Energy for Borgosesia

Biomass Energy for Borgosesia

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Work continues to set up a new one biomass plant for Italy. This time the protagonist is Borgosesia (VC). The plant will be active by the end of this 2012 and the supply of biomass it will be guaranteed by local supply chains.

The local supply chains were promoted by UNCEM Piedmont and the Institute for Wood Plants and the Environment, controlled by the Piedmont Region and participated by the Valle d'Aosta Region and the Municipality of Turin. The set-up is managed by the TerniGreen company, which specializes in the recovery of materials and energy. Once the works are finished, a biomass-fueled pyrogasification plant will be obtained.

The heart of the plant was designed by Pyrox Italia Srl and transforms wood waste into syngas. The Syngas will be used to power a high efficiency engine which, connected to a generator, will produce power with low emissions into the atmosphere so as to contribute to the achievement of national targets which envisage a 17% increase in energy production from renewables by 2020.

In detail, the Borgosesia plant will be able to process 8,000 tons of virgin wood annually and recover 850 electrical kW and 1,100 thermal kW with an estimated electrical energy production of around 5.4 GWh per year. According to estimates, the total investment for the commissioning of the plant would amount to about 5 million euros.

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