How to do laundry

How to do laundry

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Old nylons, tennis balls and rock salt. Would you ever say these are the right ingredients for do a laundry ecological? We do not ask you to wash your clothes by hand but only to use the washing machine in a wise and sustainable way.

Our daily actions can be accomplished with the least possible energy expenditure. It starts with understanding what measures to implement so as to limit theimpact on the environment even in the most discounted courses such as laundry in the washing machine.

How to do laundry in the washing machine. Marseille soap
Instead of traditional detergent it is advisable to use Marseille soap: it has the advantage of being highly biodegradable. To prevent the soap from sticking to fabrics or the washing machine wall, never use the grated or creamy type. The ideal is Marseille soap in blocks: two 100-gram pieces are enough for five kilos of laundry. In the case of a 200 gram stick, the soap must be divided into two pieces.

It is important to have two pieces inside the washing machine to be able to scrub more clothes. The soap sticks have to be put inside the nets or maybe, in the old ones nylon stockings, so as to avoid that they remain attached to some clothes. It is also advisable to enter two tennis balls to increase rubbing and consequently the cleaning power.

Along with this soap also add 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate or soda to soften the water and to create an alkaline environment in which the soap can act optimally and 2 tablespoons of coarse salt to block the formation of excess foam.

How to get very white cloths
When we want to do the washing machine with non-colored dirty laundry, together with the soap we can add two tablespoons of active oxygen bleach, for sodium carbonate. They are on sale in supermarkets or organic shops: it can also be referred to by the international name of Sodium Carbonate Peroxide.

If it is easier for you, you can replace it with two 40-volume tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Don't forget to add pieces of coarse salt in this case as well to limit the foam.
Instead of fabric softener, use white wine vinegar or white apple vinegar: it not only serves to soften the fabrics but also to neutralize odors. It also serves to remove residues of soap or other products.

Don't waste too much detergent
It is the main rule, an excessive amount of detergent cannot dissolve and consequently wash! With an excess of detergent you will get exactly the opposite effect. Also, be careful never to use a temperature above thirty degrees for i colored fabrics: we will avoid damaging them and save on electricity bill.

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