Terra di Puglia, the 5-star soil

Terra di Puglia, the 5-star soil

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Flowering Plant, Clean Puglia. Puglia is not only a beautiful tourist destination, it is a land rich in environmental and non-environmental roses, from organic oil to "Land of Puglia“, A soil developed by the Aseco laboratories, a company of the Acquedotto Pugliese Group. It is a quality soil that guarantees high standards of fertility thanks to the numerous nutrients, one garden soil very interesting

The topsoil was baptized "Land of Puglia " and comes from the region's wet waste. On the one hand, waste is disposed of and on the other, jobs are created in the agricultural sector. Household garbage from separate collection but also waste from agro-industrial activity and sludge from civil waste are expertly mixed with a quality blonde peat. This is how it was born Land of Puglia, an ecological soil obtained from natural processes and rigorously calibrated to high standards of safety and quality.

Land of Puglia has already obtained the most important national certification, that of the Cic, the Italian Composting Consortium. During the presentation meeting of Puglia land, an important agreement was signed that aims to combat the phenomenon of marginalization with a concrete green initiative. The social initiative is starting in Brindisi, where the municipalities of Cisternio, Carovigno and Ostuni are committed to exploiting the precious topsoil for the preparation of social gardens which will guarantee a concrete job opportunity for disadvantaged and socially marginalized people.

Land of Puglia it is a soil that aims at research and progress, in fact, the money obtained from the sales of this new product will not be collected by investors, but will be reinvested to improve the water service of the entire region.

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