Japanese culture at Expo 2015

Japanese culture at Expo 2015

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Sushi, sashimi, origimi and other culinary delights typical of the gastronomic tradition of the Land of the Rising Sun, will also be protagonists of the Milan Expo 2015. Japan arrives in Italy and does so by showing off its food culture.

A statement released by the Japanese news agency Kyodo highlighted Japan’s participation in the Milan Expo 2015. For now there are no rumors about the possible technologies that the Land of the Rising Sun will present but participation is certain Expo 2015 for the promotion of Japanese foods and food culture.

The news was made by Japanese minister Michihiko Kano last Tuesday, immediately followed by the Italian announcement by President Monti.

We want to promote the virtues of Japanese foods and our food culture. We will try to make our exhibitions rich in content above all by collaborating with other ministries and agencies, this is our goal. " Says Michihika Kano, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Let's not forget that al Milan Expo 2015 there will not be only hi-tech devices to tackle climate change and facilitate the development of clean energy. In the broader context of Smart Cities, what will be touched will be a sustainable diet designed to counter the food crisis affecting various areas of the globe. With "Feeding the Planet“, The Milan Expo 2015 has already made agreements with Israel introducing kosher catering and the Kadmor gastronomic school.

Gastronomy does not stop with Israel but continues with Japan which will exhibit its food culture here in Italy, on the occasion of Milan Expo 2015. The appointment is in three years, from May 1st to October 31st, with the gastronomic exhibitor who will represent Japan and born from the collaboration of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Minister of Economy, Commerce and of Industry, Michihiko Kano.

In Italy, the announcement was made by Prime Minister Mario Monti, who says he is pleased to include this new presence. Thus the adhesions to theExpo Milan 2015 they reach 78. No country better than Japan can teach us “The wisdom of Nature", Especially after what happened in Fukushima and the food contamination alarm that followed.

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