Mobile solar panels

Mobile solar panels

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To make our world less wired, more mobile and sustainable, we need to have the ability to power our devices on the go, using clean energy sources. The photovoltaic offers good chances to make that change, a responsible turn towards solar.

The photovoltaic sector currently it is working on bringing electricity to those remote places, where power plants do not exist. The hope ofsolar power is to bring electricity to schools, homes and buildings in those regions isolated from the world. A concrete example was the spread of the solar-powered iSlate, brought to Indian schools.

In the Western world, where electricity is not lacking, thesolar power it could become a trend, just like smartphones: portability and functionality. Take the case of the SolarKindle, a mass market case. The cover is capable of charging the device through a series of photovoltaic panels. A definitely new accessory that few carry in their backpack. SolarKindle was born to supply energy to particular ebook readers. Aside from the initial enthusiasm with his promising presence at CES, the SolarKindle yielded disappointing results. Let's take a closer look at this case of mobile solar panels:

SolarKindle is a case with integrated battery, provides light for reading and a great Solar Panel which in addition to recharging and illuminating the ebook, keeps the portable device safe and so far so good. The bad news? It weighs almost as much as the ebook reader and its price is the same as the entry level version of the Kindle ($ 80).

The obstacle that must be overcome to make photovoltaics less wired and more mobile is aesthetics more than price. The SolarKindle weighs almost as much as the ebook reader so even if it is an extremely functional and green object, its diffusion is penalized for the look. One thing is certain, SolarKindle, on Amazon, has shown that consumers have a certain appetite for green gadget based on solar energy. For this reason, it is certain that other companies will join together to create a solar mainstream that can satisfy everyone, more in aesthetics than in price!

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