Waste recycled and transformed into high fashion

Waste recycled and transformed into high fashion

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It collects waste and transforms it into high fashion pieces or works of art. An example? Old recycled umbrellas that find new life in bags and dresses, fabrics of all kinds re-processed and recycled in favor of a sustainable fashion.

Is called Catherine Edouard Charlot and she is the designer who has spent almost 30 years collecting waste and transforming it into pieces of art and high fashion. The artist learned to sew when she was only 13, she used her father's old shirts to create dresses, skirts and bags. She is a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and has always supported environmental movements. In her country she has been involved in recycling old petrol cans and founded a targeted group called “The Craft Lion Art”. In his adult life he persevered in environmental movements by relaunching one sustainable fashion date from recycled materials. Bags, clothes, computer cases and other accessories that come to life in the collection "Himane“.

Do you like these bags? The one above is one travel bag, once it was an old fleece blanket, the broad bricks are well suited to the creation of new objects. It's about a sustainable fashion, in the USA it was renamed the "Street Fashion of recycling". Among the most noble enterprises of Charlot there is that of recycling of umbrellas. It seems that after a rainy day, on the streets of New York, you can find hundreds of umbrellas, so Charlot starts his collection and stops only when he has accumulated 836.
With his 836 umbrellas, the artist begins to produce defined clothes and accessories "street-chic ".

The Street Fashion style of recycling, or rather, of sustainable fashion, it can be adapted to every age group and every pocket. Prices? From the official store (see useful links) you will find prices ranging from 50 dollars up to over 300 dollars. It's hard to believe but even the dress below was made from scraps of New York umbrellas. In fact it is a unique and classy dress.

On every purchase made on the store, a percentage of money will be allocated to building one sustainable school in Charlot's country of origin, Haiti. The artist has recently purchased a small plot of land where he will soon build a school.

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