Fiat 500 POP bicycle

Fiat 500 POP bicycle

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For 27 years, New York has celebrated the Gala Italy, the event that promotes the image of Italy in the world. This 2012, al Gala Italy was presented the folding bicycle signed Fiat. The bike bears the name of the 500 pop.

It was held last February 23, at the Marriott Marquis Hote in New York, on Gala Italy, an event that contains the best of made in Italy. There Bicycle folding Fiat 500 Pop was selected as "Ambassador of Italian Design in the USA ", the project was carried out by the Fiat Style Center, Officina 83 Style and the Compagnia Ducale.

There Fiat bicycle 500 Pop was designed to fit in the trunk of the Fiat 500, which is why it is foldable. Not so original idea since a few years ago, the car manufacturer Mini had done the same thing by launching on the market, at a cost of 500 euros, a folding bicycle which could be chosen as an optional accessory on the purchase of a Mini Cooper or be purchased separately.

The price for the Fiat bicycle is far less, 330 euros to take home the folding bike white with red trim. The bike is equipped with an aluminum frame and an attractive design with a slightly retro style that is rediscovered with a spring seat and mudguards for both wheels; in fact, the authors claim that the look is inspired by the 70s. The bike is also available in a non-foldable version with the lounge and trekking models.


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