BMW i8, by 2013 on the market

BMW i8, by 2013 on the market

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BMW i8, the car sported by Tom Cruise in his Mission Impossible with double engine, direct petrol injection and electric motor for a total power of 353 hp and 500 Nm of torque. To see it on the road we will have to wait until 2013 but there are already many details that BMW has released about its brand new car. Let's see together the technical details of the BMW sports car.

The first prototype of BMW i8 was shown to the public during the last Geneva Motor Show. The model that will be launched on the market by 2013 will change only in a few details: the design of the alloy wheels will be more traditional and in line with other BMW cars, the dimensions will be smaller than the first prototype.

Impact on the environment. There BMW i8 it can guarantee the performance of a true unruly car and boast lower consumption than those of a maxi scooter. As announced, the car has two engines, one petrol, direct injection with 223 hp, it is combined with a robotic gearbox with double clutch. In addition to the classic petrol engine, the BMW i8 it will be equipped with an electric motor making the next BMW car one hybrid by notable acceleration: it can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. According to the tests of the car manufacturer itself, thehybrid BMW i8 it can travel an average of 37 km per liter.

With its aluminum frame the BMW i8 can boast a weight that should be around 1480 kg. Weight distribution has also been optimized thanks to the efficiency of the two engines. An electric one connected to the front wheels and a thermal one that is connected to the rear wheels. In the central section there are the lithium-ion batteries, necessary to power the engine that will provide the front-wheel drive.

The first prototype of the BMW i8 she was seen speeding through the streets of Dubai in Tom Cruise's latest film, Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol (see photo). The car is extremely aerodynamic but it is assumed that the model we will see on the road by 2013 will be slightly smaller than the one seen in the film, along with the more standardized alloy wheels. The maximum speed ofBMW hybrid is 250 km / h. However, as already mentioned, consumption is reduced, with 3 liters you can travel over 100 kilometers. The high standards of BMW, the sleek and aerodynamic designer, the engine BMW hybrid and all the technologies that guarantee excellent performance have a high price: it is estimated that the BMW i8 will be marketed with a price of around 180,000 euros, turnkey!

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