Green Tips, tricks at your iPhone

Green Tips, tricks at your iPhone

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What does vodka have to do with the washing machine? How can 160,000 liters of water be saved in one year? Or how can I save on expensive petrol? Green Tips will answer these and other questions, aiPhone application.

Green Tips will keep you company for 21 days, revealing a trick every day on how to save and safeguard the planet. For example, with the advice of Green Tips a family of four, by modifying the shower head, will be able to save 160,000 liters of water per year, bringing the water consumption of the shower from 18-30 liters to less than 10 liters per minute. The only flaw is that the tricks suggested by Green Tips are few, the authors should decide to release an update with more savings strategies.

Green Tips is not free, it costs € 0.79 but as always, by exploring the App Store you can find freeware alternatives. An excellent free alternative is given by "Free Green Living Tip of the Day“, In this case the suggested tricks are much more numerous. The application for the Green Living supports the sharing of "Tips" (tricks) both on facebook and on twitter, a second point in favor given that Green Tips it only supports sharing on Facebook.

Given that the merits of Free Green Living Tip of the Day there are many, you may wonder why we have listed it as the second app given its characteristics. The reason is simple, being afree application brings an annoying banner ad at the top of each page, it seems an acceptable compromise since the app is totally free. Both applications are in English but easy to understand for those who know Anglo-Saxon ABC.

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