Old Skateboards to decorate the house

Old Skateboards to decorate the house

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Do you want modern shelves or cutting-edge shelves? You don't need to go to Ikea, you can use your old ones skeatboard to furnish your home. We hear a lot about Recovery Architecture, in Rome we can attend the Re-Cycle on display where a bar is built with the remains of an airplane and a hotel could even be built with those of a locomotive. But what can we do in our own small way to implement strategies Recovery Architecture? We can take care of furniture and with extravagant and certainly high-end solutions sustainability. The most practical and simple example offers us Patrick Drake, a designer inspired by love for the environment has implemented a brilliant idea: he used his old skeatboards to build a small bookcase.

Following his example they can be build shelves, shelves or even photo frames. You do not need great manual skills, in fact to transform an old skeatboard into a shelf you will need the classic supports which, including screws, cost an average of 4 euros. This work is aimed above all at young people who can add a creative furniture to your room e to recycle an object that was a playmate during childhood. This is how the "Skateboard shelf". The shelf by designer Patrick Drake was baptized "Shlf Pure Skateboard“, He did not use supports but limited himself to drill a few holes and exploit the anchoring system of the skate's wheels. The style is simple and clean, it can be used to collect magazines, books or simply to display decorative elements such as photo frames or vases. With an interlocking system, Patrik Drake ensured the stability of his shelf so that the center shelves are solid and cannot fall in any direction. Patrik Drake's is an example of design a zero impact and above all to no cost.

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