Mini portable bike: the lightweight "folding" bike for adults

Mini portable bike: the lightweight

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What do I put in the bag today? Sunglasses, a mirror and why not, the bicycle! Warning, this is not about the Mary Poppins handbag, rather I am talking about portable bicycles, comfortable and foldable. In addition to the minimal projects of Asian designers, there are several models on the western market. Between portable bicycles of greater importance we can point out "VeloMini", an electric bicycle, with a lithium ion battery of 24v, 6AH. There portable bicycle (of which you can find a complete guide in this post on folding bikes and / or folding bikes with the types, characteristics and relative prices on the market) can be folded and stored in a case similar to that of a guitar. VeloMini has an anodized aluminum frame and a 180 watt motor that allows you to travel without the aid of pedals, distances of about 20 km at a speed of about 6 meters per second.

Also in aluminum, we find the Mini Folder Bike, the Mini brand is famous for its workhorse, the car that was also mentioned in a song by Madonna, the Mini Cooper. Not just cars for the British house that launched one on the market portable bicycle, it is completely foldable and removable. It is available in black, weighs 11 kg and can be comfortably transported on public transport due to its size "Mini". Also in this case a practical sheath allows you to carry the portable bike in extreme comfort. The price of the portable bicycle Mini is certainly not that of an ordinary bike, with its € 499, the bicycle can be purchased at all Mini dealers.

Folding is ideal for short trips, they are easily transportable even on medium-sized cars as well as on public transport, thus representing today one of the most effective solutions to the challenges of green mobility within urban centers.

If you are interested in purchasing Folding Bikes, we recommend a targeted search on Amazon, the ecommerce site where you can also buy numerous portable bikes at excellent prices and with the usual "money back guarantee".

By following the links you will find an abundant assortment oftraditional and / or electric folding bikes of different brands, wheel sizes and diameters as well as bags and supports for storing and transporting them at their best so that you can evaluate the individual product sheets with all the features and prices.

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