Photovoltaic incentives and eternit bonuses

Photovoltaic incentives and eternit bonuses

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At the bottom of this page you will find the update 2014 on the matter Photovoltaic incentives and eternit bonuses.

Photovoltaic incentives and eternit bonuses: what happened until a few years ago

Despite the crisis, the government incentives in favor of those who choose to install solar panels. With 2012 there will be a real race to incentives for photovoltaics as the fourth Energy Account which regulates incentive mechanisms has confirmed the application of decreasing incentives for those who want install a photovoltaic system, in fact, the incentives will decrease until 31 December 2016. For example, the systems on buildings that have a power between 1 and 3 kW installed by 1 September 2012, will have incentives with a rate of 0.274 euros while in the second half of 2012, the eco-incentives for photovoltaics will drop to 0.252 euros. In both cases lower rates than the initial ones, equal to 0.387 euros.

Incentives for photovoltaics will be granted within a threshold of 23,000 Mwp and in the event that unassembled photovoltaic modules are used in Europe, it will be necessary to enter additional information in the production process control certificate. If a rural building will host the solar panels, this can be stacked directly as a building on which to install photovoltaic panels, in any case the stacking of the building must be done in a period prior to the commissioning of thephotovoltaic system.

In addition to the eco-incentives there is the so-called "eternity bonus“, This prize is awarded to those who replace asbestos roofs with photovoltaic panels. The only condition for obtaining the eternit bonus is that the asbestos must be disposed of together with the installation of the photovoltaic system; obviously, the removal of eternity must be total and the entire surface where there was previously asbestos must be covered with solar panels: the surface of the photovoltaic system must be almost identical to that reclaimed, the tolerance margin is 10%. To apply for the eternit bonus, you will need to show the photographic documentation showing the roof "before" and "after" the intervention.

Photovoltaic incentives and eternity bonuses: What happens today

2014 update onPhotovoltaic incentives and eternit bonuses
Since 2014, it seems that the state has forgotten the need to incentivize remediation of asbestos roofs,also at the public health level. There are no longer direct eternit bonuses as described in 2012. Users, however, will be able to count on another model of "incentives", less direct but still effective, these are tax deductions of 65% on interventions removal of asbestos. To find out how to proceed to access the tax deductions in force today, please refer to the article: asbestos removal bonus.

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