The greenest electronics manufacturers

The greenest electronics manufacturers

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GreenPeace periodically publishes a guide to greener electronics manufacturers. By the end of 2011, GreenPeace has compiled a ranking of the 15 most electronic brands eco-virtuosthe. The podium of the ranking of the greenest electronics manufacturers he is employed by HP, which is particularly adept at enforcing sustainability standards throughout the manufacturing chain of its products. In second place is Dell who has promised to reduce his harmful emissions by 40% within the next three years. Dell is immediately followed by Nokia which in recent years seems to have worsened since in 2009 it occupied the first place of the podium.

Not to get on the podium was theApple, which, over the last few years, has greatly improved its sustainability standards. Although Apple did not make it into the TOP 3, the last few years have seen it very committed to improving the production chain. If during 2012, as expected, it will also strengthen its energy policies, for sure the next GreenPeace ranking will see her occupy one of the steps of the podium. Apple took fourth place with a score of 4.6 and is immediately followed by Philips with a total of 4.5 points. Philips is committed to the business of renewable but he neglected the care of the production chain, and that is why he abandoned the podium he occupied in 2010.

After the fifth position occupied by Philips, we find Sony Ericsson at the sixth, and again, until the fifteenth, in the respective order, we see: Samsung, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Acer, LG Elecronics, Toshiba and RIM, better known for the brand BlackBerry. It must be said that, even if HP, Dell and Nokia occupy the podium, the highest score among these is held by HP which does not reach sufficiency with a score of 5.9!

Great things are also expected from the next ranking Samsung which in a short time eliminated PVC from its devices. Furthermore, Samsung is currently one of the leaders in the new criterion on the product life cycle, in particular terms this translates into a better customer service.

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