How to relax tired feet

How to relax tired feet

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Summer, a time for long walks, and the feet suffer from it at times, perhaps not used to "working" so much during the rest of the year. So it's better to first learn how relax tired feet because you will need it, whether you are walking around a new city, looking for monuments and interesting views, whether you are walking on the beach or in the mountains. All these tips will also come in handy when you return hectic days they will force you to stand a lot or a lot of walking around, because the feet get stressed even when we are still, indeed.

How to relax tired feet: tips

Before going into the specifics, with an operational attitude, let's make an overview of the possible ones remedies for pain and fatigue. Very often they are suitable to be applied in the evening, after an intense day for our feet and before going to rest.

The first tip is to make a nice one foot bath based on very hot water, peppermint, filter of green tea, a few drops of pine oil. This is followed by a treatment with natural foot moisturizer or mint extract and pine oil and then a little relaxation, putting your feet in comfortable fabric slippers with completely flat insoles, before going to sleep.

Foot bath to relax tired feet

Certainly the idea of ​​immersing our feet in hot water is excellent, let's not discard it because it looks like a grandmother's remedy, maybe it will be too but it is still one of the most effective. At least fifteen minutes of foot bath and ours feet will be softer and more relaxed. Hot water is essential but we can also add a little peppermint or a green tea filter or a few drops of pine oil to enhance the effect and make the foot bath even more powerful and soothing. If we don't love aromas too much, we can focus on baking soda.

Massage to relax tired feet

After carefully drying the our ends we can proceed with the next step, that of massages, which are very useful for reactivating circulation. Let's take some moisturizing and nourishing cream, with or without attached essences, and spread it on our feet until it is completely absorbed. There are those who do not like the consistency of the cream, so they can use mint extract and pine or rosemary oil if they like these smells.

Once the right blend for our feet, we can spread it but not surprisingly, absently. It is very important that we focus on the movements we make. They must be circular, regular, not too abrupt but not too delicate.

We use our thumbs mainly and press on sole of the foot. At first it can appear annoying, I know, and even painful, if we are particularly tired or if our feet are in tension, but we continue to do so, gradually more and more intensely, and we will notice a decrease in pain.

With both inches we caress the heel and squeeze the foot in the hands, pushing the fingers one by one upwards. It is a kind of stretching that we do at our feet and we should feel a certain well-being.

Exercises to relax tired feet

Let's continue with some exercises that will help us start or re-start the leg circulation and of the feet in particular, so that the fatigue passes. We raise the legs so that they are at least horizontal with respect to the feet, and continue to massage, also passing to the ankles and calves. Once standing, we can continue stretching by taking very slow steps on the floor, emphasizing the support of the complete foot, from heel to toe, as if we were to leave an indelible and perfect imprint on our ground. Let's sit down and take the feet, bringing them first one then the other over the knees and push the feet as far as possible towards the femur. In the meantime we have to hold the plant in hand by pressing it and massaging it for at least five minutes.

Slippers to relax tired feet

If after a strenuous effort, we love to relax and be comfortable, the same happens to our feet which, after all the effort, and then the foot bath and massages, want some peace. Let's give it to him with some nice cozy slippers, with the flat plant and soft fabric. It is important that, after stress and fatigue, they do not find themselves once again forced into strange positions that could make them strain or inflame.

With less than 20 euros you can buy online perfect slippers, comfortable and at the same time resistant, for long relaxing evenings. In Amazon there are more choreographic models, from rabbit, warm, or others more sober but just as comfortable.

You can find many models in the physical stores, try them out and figure out which ones are most functional for you. It also depends a lot on the ground you have to walk on. If you have a wooden floor, you can also use comfortable non-slip socks while a colder material may be unsightly and require slippers with a thermally insulating sole.

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