Hooded Crow

Hooded Crow

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Hooded Crow, a bird that does well in partially wooded areas where it nests without moving, often. It is a particularly resistant species and able to adapt to the most diverse habitats, he also knows how to coexist with humans and endures his interventions on nature by drawing "profit" and food from his waste.

Crow gray and black

There hooded crow and black crow are the two species of Cornacchia present in Italy. The Gray is the most widespread, it ranges throughout the Palearctic area with the exception of Iceland, it can be encountered in all European countries, including Portugal and the UK. Going to Russia and then even further to China, Korea and Japan and throughout the Far East, we find at the coblack spot with which there are overlaps that give life to many hybrid specimens.

The hooded crow male and female are impossible to distinguish with the naked eye, they are both about 50 cm long, with a wingspan of up to one meter e a weight of half a kilogram, about. They fly with regular beats and tendentially straight trajectories, often assembled in orderly flocks, much more than those of crows.

In addition to the waste, the hooded crow eat other "crap.""Such as carrion, and then the poor chicks or even the eggs of other birds, but they also cause a lot of damage to agriculture and they steal food from pets if they fly close to cities.

Crow and peacock

These two birds are the protagonists of one fable called the vain crow or the crow and the peacock's feathers, it depends on the version that is told to us. The protagonist is a hooded crow that makes itself beautiful with the feathers fallen to a peacock by snubbing its companions and, indeed, thinking well of infiltrating a group of peacocks.

When the latter unmask her because of her rude verse and hunt her, the hooded crow returns to its fellows but is rejected and insulted. One of them points out that “If she was satisfied accepting herself for how she was born, crow, she would not have suffered insults and rejections ”.

Crow and crow

It is relatively easy to distinguish the crow from his fellow men always belonging to category of Corvids, just look at its livery: it has a light gray back and undersides, with black head, throat, wings and tail. Dark colors that we find surprisingly also on the beak, black and slightly curved.

The species we can risk confusing with the hooded crow it is the black one, also the common crow, present in the Po valley in the coldest months, is very similar to the hooded crow. Another corvid that we also find in the city is the jackdaw (Coloeus monedula), too light gray to be confused with the hooded crow.

Crow: call

The crow's voice is definitely unpleasant, I challenge everyone to argue otherwise. Sounds like a loud and hoarse verse - “craaak craaak craaak” - and this bird often emits it. Sometimes to send a territorial message, sometimes for other reasons less clear to our eyes and ears.

For those wishing to imitate this unpleasant verse, there is a special tool, also available on Amazon which emits the call of the crow and the crow, costs 20 euros.

In Italy the call of the hooded crow it is quite easy to hear because this bird is very widespread, it is often sedentary but sometimes it arrives in our country from Northern Europe. In spring it is time to build the nest, the female takes care of it and installs it on tall branches of robust trees, then laying 4 or 5 eggs every year, to be brooded for about 3 weeks.

Crow: pictures

Crow: meaning

Belonging to the order of “Passeriformes” and the Corvids family the hooded crow for the Native Americans was the only one able to assume any appearance and be present in two places at the same time. In the Celtic and Irish traditions the same bird is associated with goddess of battle and the Celts always observed his with interest flight to predict the future.

Even today the meaning of the Crow, like that of the Crow, is ambiguous, enigmatic. It recalls the idea of ​​divinity, therefore of spiritual elevation, but it also suggests the guerra, to death and the dark side of the human soul.

Crow in English

It literally translates to crow, if gray "Hooded crow", if black “carrion crow” but we can speak of crow in a figurative and completely derogatory sense, to indicate a gossipy person. At this point another word, in English, should be used to make oneself understood: "chatterbox ".

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