Traveling by bike

Traveling by bike

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Traveling by bike it means experiencing nature, feeling the air on your face, perceiving smells and sounds directly, exchanging glances with people up close. Traveling by bike it is a unique experience that allows you to fully enter the atmosphere of a country, discovering even the small details that usually escape it. Before embarking on a bike trip it is good to prepare ad hoc. For a bike trip the top is a mountain bike with road wheels, it is not pretty to look at, but you will struggle much less on the asphalt. that's how travel by bike following some important indications.

Traveling by bike, the preparation
Before setting off in the saddle, it is good to plan all the movements: the area to visit, all the cities or places of interest with the help of tourist guides (Lonely Planet or Michelin the best), with Google Maps check how far they are from each other. For stages longer than 60/70 km it is advisable to break it into two days, looking for some intermediate place to spend the night

Traveling by bike, equipment
Here's what to bring with you: Backpack, medicine box, sleeping bag, 2 microfibre technical T-shirts, 2 padded technical shorts, clothes, Tire puncture kit, bike key set, bike night light, spare inner tube , portable pump, largest possible bottle, helmet, gloves, map, portable GPS, lock and a bike chain.

Traveling by bike, useful tips

  • Before getting into the saddle, make sure that the bike is in place
  • Do not travel just after eating, but not too fast: the ideal would be to leave three hours after the main meal.
  • Keep a bottle of water on hand: it will be used to hydrate you every now and then
  • When leaving, give a quick check on the equipment
  • If you have to stop for a few days, absolutely avoid visiting the place first and then looking for the campsite. Regarding the search for the campsite, it is advisable to plan it already before departure, looking for a campsite in the area on the side where you arrive
  • Make sure the bike be well guarded in your absence
  • Never travel in the dark: the ideal is in the morning, half an hour after breakfast
  • In case of illness, stop immediately and seek refreshment at some service station

Bring your documents with you.

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