Saving on gas in a cold and difficult winter

Saving on gas in a cold and difficult winter

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Save gas better managing the heating system e save on gas switching suppliers could be not only intelligent ways to manage the household budget, but a necessity if Europe's supply problems - only hypothetical for the moment but impossible to overlook - are confirmed.

Then put the weather forecast of a cold and almost polar winter, as they predict for the 2014-2015 season, and reasons for save gas (consuming less) e save on gas (finding the best rate) there are far too many.

Moreover, save on gas it's a good idea even taking into account the constant increases in house taxes. Rationalizing the utilities can allow us to save at least a few tens of euros which, these days, does not hurt.

In addition to changing the supplier, there are measures for save on your gas bill which can be very useful for the next cold months.

First of all, it is a good idea to preset the temperature in the house to reasonable comfort levels, for example never exceeding the temperature of 20 ° C considered optimal even by national regulations; every degree less (for many, the optimum temperature is 18 ° C) even leads to a saving of 6% on the bill. With thermostatic valves, to replace the manual ones, the costs related to the proper functioning of the system can be reduced by up to 15%.

Careful maintenance of the boiler before each winter allows you to heat without waste and lowers consumption, as well as the insulating fixtures avoid the dispersion of heat from the windows and doors. Do not underestimate the interventions to improve energy efficiency in the home, for example with double glazing, with insulation and so on: not only the savings are considerable due to less heat loss, but it is also possible to take advantage of the deductions tax at 65%, which were extended by the Stability Law also for 2016. In addition, a house without drafts is certainly healthier for the whole family, against seasonal ailments that the simple higher temperature cannot prevent.

The secret to save on gas it is also in the attention to detail. Even curtains can cause your bill to rise if long enough to cover the radiators, especially those that reach the floor.

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