Design of flower beds

Design of flower beds

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There design of flower beds it is not child's play but a real art if you want flower beds that are not only beautiful for a few weeks but that last over time. For example, certain plants must not go beyond the border, they must not suffocate each other, it's not nice if they all wither away at the same time and in the same way you shouldn't overdo it with too many leaves and flowers of strong colors. The design of flower beds is a task for experts who also know the characteristics of the terrain, the type of climate, the architectural elements and natural ones that we have around us and how to relate to them. I am referring to both trees and walls and hedges.

It is also essential that the expert, together with us,decide the shape, size, colors of the flowers and know its function. If you love to "tweak" you can also experience a garden design software

Design of perennial flower beds

Perennial flower beds are usually those that follow one flower borders for pathsor walls and it is therefore essential that they are permanent and always good looking. Let's take this into account when choosing the plants that must also be of a larger size than the simple decorative flower beds. It can be useful to insert hedges that filter the strongest winds and leave the right amount of space between the plants themselves.

Another type of perennial flower beds that you can design are those near the walls and which often host climbing plants such as roses or jasmine.

In general they serve species weather resistant and with a very fast resilience, which can withstand even bad weather, rain or wind or even snow.

DIY flower bed design

If we are at the first steps with the design of flower beds, it is better to create a single large and well-made flowerbed than many small flower beds scattered around the garden. This is to avoid multiplying the problems, of course, but also to give a more orderly air to our garden that might otherwise look like a patchwork of plant scraps.

Also for the choice of flowers, better of the same species, even if of different colors, why different flower varieties are likely not to grow well together and our flowerbed would appear neglected. You can also choose a single base color and then select it together with a flower bed designer various flowers of this color that they can coexist well.

Garden flower beds design

When you have to deal with one design of flower beds for gardens, it is necessary to make a real action plan, a drawing, a draft project, setting the areas where we want the flower beds, taking into account the shaded and sunny areas and the orientation of the wind. There are also some General "rules" useful to know, such as the minimum width of the borders, 1.5 meters, and the maximum, 3 meters.

In the design of flower beds in the garden we can also foresee the presence of one ornamental railing black, also available on Amazon for 27 euros.

Small flower beds design

For smaller flower beds it is best to limit the choice to self-cleaning plants, with fruits that fall by themselves and that they do not spoil the flowering. If we are thinking about the design of small flower beds the better avoid those with a round or rounded shape preferring the square or rectangular shape.

Design flower beds

If we are creating a flower bed for purely decorative purposes, we can fill it with flowers so that it really has a pleasant and eye-catching appearance. Better if they all bloom together. Particularly suitable are all bulbous plants, such as tulips, daffodils and cyclamen. The color of the flowers is certainly a matter of taste, usually they are not too strong side by side if not separated by one strip of little flowers of white color that separates and strengthens them, and gives light to the garden. For those who are still undecided, here are others garden ideaswith and without flower beds and others to create agarden path

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