How to cure shoulder pain

How to cure shoulder pain

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Even if we assume that it always works, the shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in our body and also one of the most complex. If you go and look at how it is "built" you will find a series of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that work together to make us do many daily movements without making us weigh. But sometimes they jam or get inflamed and it is necessary in those moments to return to normal, to know how to cure shoulder pain.

It happens that it happens, especially after 40, very often as a result of the alteration of some of these structures of the shoulder joint, due to excessive use or, more rarely, due to trauma.

Shoulder pain: causes

There is a reason why shoulder injuries are more common than others, it is because the head of the humerus is larger than its housing, so muscles, tendons and ligaments have to struggle to maintain stability.
In addition to trauma, a cause of shoulder pain may be the thickness of thebone of the scapula (acromion) because when it is too thick it pushes the cuff tendons to become inflamed by rubbing. Then there is arthrosis, linked to the wear and tear of the joint cartilage. This occurs mainly in elderly people, or in all those who play sports or work in which they particularly strain this articulation.

There are also pathologies which, among the various stimuli, also have the shoulder pain. Neurological or autoimmune ones but also cholecystitis and myocardial infarction

How to cure shoulder pain

To understand how to cure a shoulder pain, we must first of all try to better understand its type and positioning. Since the shoulder is a bit complicated, it can hurt in different parts, more towards the neck and cervical or more towards the arm. Even the sensation of pain itself has a thousand nuances that we must know how to describe our doctor. It can be similar to a tingling or sting, or so strong that it stops us moving. Sometimes it also reaches the neck or extends to the chest.

If after a few days, a few, the pain in the shoulder does not pass despite the anti-inflammatories or as soon as we stop them, it is better to go to a doctor who will be able to deepen their origins and prescribe a more specific treatment. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out tests such as magnetic resonance which shows the joint structure of both soft tissues and bones giving doctors the possibility to identify possible wear of the tendons or cartilage, sometimes to be repaired with surgery. It is also necessary to understand the extent to which shoulder pain limits movement. Other possible tests are radiographs, for any fractures, and ultrasound, for problems with the rotator cuff. Rarer is thearthrogram, to identify torn structures.

Shoulder pain remedies

If the cause of the pain is trauma, the shoulder goes correctly repositioned and this may require an immobilization of the joint which will then be followed by one physiotherapy therapy. There are, and it is good to know, the various interventions aimed at relieving pain and swelling, such as ice packs or creams with natural ingredients such as arnica, but only with the doctor's consent.

Of course there are several drugs that can be prescribed to us, the famous ones NSAIDs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, such as ibuprofen, ketoprofen. There are those who infiltrate with corticosteroid substances even if they are not recommended because they can cause damage to the tendons, worsening the situation. However, those of hyaluronic acid can be a remedy for some inflammatory forms while in the case of trauma surgery may be appropriate, sometimes in arthroscopy. If our shoulder pain is of rheumatic origin, great compresses with one hot water bottle.

We can find nice and functional ones even online if we need them and we don't have any at home. There are those who prefer the classic model, like this one, agile and effective. Or who opts for one hot water bottle that plays down the situation, like this one. Both are at a great price and can then come in handy on winter evenings.

How to sleep if your shoulder hurts

Anyone who has had severe pain in the shoulder at least once in their life knows that sleeping is a real torture. It is necessary, if the pain persists, it is necessary to try to identify some tricks to try to ensure a little rest, despite the pain.

For example, we can try to put a pillow between the legs, when lying on one side, or behind the thighs, when lying on the back. It sounds absurd but it isn't. This gesture serves to decrease the pressure on the spine. It is important, in bed but also during the day, to breathe deeply and gently, especially to relax the muscles.

Let us not be under the illusion that the pain passes soon, it often takes a few weeks due to the complexity of the structure behind this part of the body, with cartilages, ligaments, muscles, nerves, or tendons.

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