Deposit accounts to make your savings pay off

Deposit accounts to make your savings pay off

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It's not easy in times of crisis, but when you find a nest egg you don't need immediately, it's a good idea to invest it. Maybe in deposit accounts that allow you to make your savings pay off without taking risks. The market is uncertain and the recovery is still struggling.

If the crisis is a problem, the good news is that they exist deposit accounts that allow you to make your savings pay off sleeping soundly. Of course, maybe the rates will not be very high or even high, but it is still better than leaving non-interest bearing capital in current accounts, especially after the latest decisions of the ECB have made them potentially even more onerous. Even with a zero-interest account, the assets are still less than a deposit account short term.

In the deposit accounts the sums can be committed for a predefined number of months, in one or more solutions (at different rates). The first thing to check, however, is the possibility of early repayment and any penalties or loss of interest; you never know.

Others deposit accounts instead they immediately pay the amount of the relative interest once the restriction period has been chosen; these can remain in the account to make the capital even more profitable or be transferred to the current account. Another important thing is to get clear information on the minimum deposit and the possibility of having a deposit account at a band other than that of the current account.

The deposit account by CheBanca! allows you to deposit money for 3, 6 or 12 months, immediately receiving interest on the account; if you withdraw the money ahead of time, you will still receive the base rate on the sums deposited less the amount already advanced.

The deposit account ControInCreval of Credito Valtellinese offers restrictions of 6, 12, 18 and 24 months, with interest capitalized every 3 months, without opening and management costs but with payment of the stamp. With Hello! Money by Hello! Bank, deposit account and current account are united, with gross interest up to 2% for 9 months without restrictions.

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