How to shave

How to shave

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How to shave it may be too trivial information for many men but ... there are always those who wonder how to do it correctly, especially if they are a beginner or if they would like to satisfy some more curiosity about this way of shaving their skin .

So let's try, step by step, to understand how to shave and how to get the best results, while respecting the health of your skin.

Choose the right blade

To shave can take a disposable razor in pharmacies or supermarkets. Of course, some razors come in one piece while others have a handle and a set of disposable blade cartridges. Choose the one you prefer, respecting the goodness of the product and how much you want to spend.

In fact, remember that cartridges wear out very quickly. The companies that sell them suggest that you change them every 5 - 7 uses, but it's hard to find a middle ground in this area. Therefore, try to understand whether or not it is appropriate to replace the blades based on your perceptions. In other words, just change them if you notice that it is cutting badly, perhaps grabbing the hair.

Also keep in mind that nowadays manual razors are equipped with a variable number of blades ranging from one to five. Razors that are equipped with multiple additional blades should be able to catch more hair in one go, saving you some time. However, it is also true that they can irritate the face more, because they increase the "scratching" power on the face, and if you have particularly thick hair, it is possible that they can get caught in the blades. If you are switching from electric to manual shaving, it is good to experiment with a few different heads until you get to the preferred solution.

Moisten the skin and apply the foam

The second thing you should do is to moisten the skin and apply the foam. Of course, it is not at all necessary to apply shaving cream or gel when shaving but… the lather will make it smoother and allow the blade to glide better. It will also help relieve any irritation and improve the quality of the shave.

In short, using gel and foam is not mandatory, but it is certainly useful and, for most people, it is essential!

Using these products is also very simple. Just put some on your hand and then distribute it on the surface of the skin you plan to shave. Let the foam adhere to the skin for a few seconds and then massage lightly, thus helping to soften the hair better.

Pass the razor

After the above operations, pass the razor gently and smoothly on the skin, perpendicular to the blade. Shaving in the direction of hair growth is gentler but less effective. What is done against it is harder but more effective. In the vast majority of cases you will get the best results by limiting yourself to shaving in the direction of hair growth. The one in the opposite direction (the counter-hair), could also create irritation, or accentuate the risk of ingrown hairs. Much will however depend on the characteristics of your beard.

Also remember that you need to rinse the blade under the tap every few strokes, or whenever the blade is clogged with hair.

When shaving, we urge you not to pass the razor more times than you should. Although it may be necessary to repeat the action a couple of times, in reality razor razor burn too often will not only not improve the quality of the shave, but also risk irritating your skin.

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Rinse the skin

Once you have shaved off all the hair, rinse your face and then pat the skin surface with the towel.

How to avoid cuts

In fact, cutting while shaving can be a rarity for some people, and a habit for others. But how to avoid cuts when shaving?

Let's say, if you cut yourself with every shave, the problem is probably in the razor. For example, it could happen that the blades are a bit blunt: most people use the same blade for too long, thus increasing the likelihood of cuts. Instead of buying a new disposable razor every two days, you could opt for a higher quality razor, which will allow you to get a safe and clean shave anywhere.

If that doesn't work out either, be sure to wash your face thoroughly with warm water and apply foam first, massaging the skin a little. The more time you spend lubricating it, the less likely you are to shave your shave. Remember that shaving after washing your face with warm water can be easier, as it softens the hair follicle and makes shaving more comfortable.

Finally, you may be cutting yourself so much because you are shaving in the wrong direction. Remember that - as we mentioned a few lines ago - the razor should follow the direction of growth of your hair for a smoother initial shave. So if you are passing the razor the wrong way, it is likely that it will get caught in the hair and dent the skin as a final result. Once you have shaved in the direction of hair growth, you can switch to the opposite hair if necessary, but using slow and gentle strokes, for a more accurate shave.

We hope these tips will be useful to you in order to improve the final result. A little more attention in carrying out these operations will avoid any injury!

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