Wash the photovoltaic panels, all the info

Wash the photovoltaic panels, all the info

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Wash the photovoltaic panelsconvenient? Yes, in principle,wash the photovoltaic panelsis important as aSolar Paneldirt is also less efficient. The problem arises in the choice ofcleaning kitof plants and maintenance costs.

Whenwash the photovoltaic panelsit's not convenient
According to a study conducted at the University of California, perwash the photovoltaic systemsyou spend more than you earn with the additional production of electricity given by the clean panels. The research involved 186 photovoltaic systems, large and small, both residential and commercial. The analysis lasted 145 days during which ipanelsthey have never been cleaned. At the end of these 145 days, thesolar systemsanalyzed produced 7.4% less electricity due to dirt, resulting in a small economic loss. If the cost of the cleaning of the photovoltaic system is greater than the economic loss recorded, clean the solar panels it's not convenient.

Whenwash the photovoltaic panelsagrees
If the economic loss linked to the lower efficiency of photovoltaic panels is higher than the cost of cleaning,wash the solar panelsagrees. The principle is simple. With the photovoltaic meter reading in hand, you can make a quick economic balance by evaluating income and expenses related to maintenance andsystem cleaning.

If you live in rainy areas,wash the photovoltaic panelsit may not be necessary.

Wash the photovoltaic panelsbecomes essential when:

  • When the solar roof is under a plant and foliage, bark and resin accumulate on the plant.
  • When, for some obscure reason, the photovoltaic system has become the meeting place for birds, bats and other birds that deposit their feces on it.
  • When the solar system has been installed on a port or near the sea.

Wash the photovoltaic panelswith thedo-it-yourself
If you want to take the burden of washing of solar panels, you will have to consider risks, dangers and savings, always remember to follow good safety rules and read any warnings from the system manufacturer.

For wash the photovoltaic panelsyou can use a specialwashing kit but our advice is to put aside all sorts of aggressive chemical detergents, especially avoid using detergents that are used in the home and use only lukewarm water, the heat of the water will more easily remove the dirt from the panels.

Beforewash the photovoltaic panelswe advise you to read:

  • Cleaning of photovoltaic panels, practical advice
  • How and when to wash the photovoltaic panels
  • Maintenance of solar panels

Tips for choosing a brush for cleaning photovoltaics

We recommend a good brush for cleaning photovoltaic systems that you can easily buy online: Solar-Wash Kit Brush for photovoltaic cleaning

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