Furnish a relaxing home

Furnish a relaxing home

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In most cases, furnishing a house is a source of stress: sizes, spaces, materials, prices, everything to fit together looking for a solution that pleases us and those who live with us and is also worthy of being proudly shown to friends and acquaintances. Is it worth stressing about this? It depends. If we really have to do it, let's try to understand how furnish a relaxing home that is so that when we live there we feel a good feeling of serenity.

There are some elements we can work on to have a relaxing home, let's see what they are and how to combine them for what is meant to be an environment of total comfort for body and mind. It is partly a matter of taste, and in this sense we cannot give a big hand, even if usually feelings of calm and silence are sought, beyond the design style who gets married. The most important thing is that there is harmony in the house between colors, lighting and the scent of the environment

Furnish a relaxing home with colors

First of all, the furniture is seen, both by us and by the guests, so it is quite important that at first glance our home emanates good vibes. It is essential that we like colors tend to like them, of course, but there are general indications that can help us and which concern the psychology of color. Usually, with rare exceptions, the most relaxing colors are those muted or neutral, such as white, sand, beige, dove gray and gray.

If we absolutely want to opt for a more decisive color, then we avoid red and overly charged orange and opt instead for blue, brown, indigo and moss green. It is up to us to choose the appropriate shades, there is also the possibility of using a wallpaper or having one made trompe l'oeil ad hoc, relaxing, of course. Sponging also has a nice effect and softens even the most aggressive colors.

In general, we have to choose colors not thinking of them as absolute colors but placing them in the specific situation of our home, taking into account its size and degree of illumination present and the furniture we have chosen.

Furnish a relaxing home with perfume

Unconsciously, perhaps, but smells also affect our ability to living environments, relaxing or disturbing us a little. The scent of the environment is a fundamental choice and let's not take it at random, as if it were a game, to try different ones. Then I challenge you to live in a room that smells unpleasant or is simply too strong.

To give a home aroma to an environment we can use scented candles, essential oils to be burned with an essence burner, or fresh or dry. Those who love incense can use it but with great caution because it will end up being tremendously penetrating and even disturbing in the long run. The room where a perfume is a must is the bathroom and here we can also use the scented soaps.

Furnish a relaxing home with lighting

If in the bathroom the perfume is a key element, unlike in the dining room, living room and bedroom it is the light that is decisive. It doesn't always depend on us because the rooms have very different orientations that change them lighting. We must try to find the right combination for our eyes. For the dining room or living room we can choose a ceiling chandelier to which we can add spotlights in order to have an alternative to the central light that can sometimes appear exaggerated and bulky. In bedroom if we love to read, let's not forget the small lamps placed on the bedside tables.

Furnish a relaxing home with fabrics

Even fabrics, both for touch and for sight, can contribute to our dose of home relaxation. Those for theand curtains, tablecloths, sheets and bedspreads. We opt for light fabrics in neutral colors, overlapping in tone on tone. Solid colors are usually more relaxing but we can also be daring with prints. The cushions can be more whimsical but always in combination with the colors already present.

Furnish a relaxing home with music

Not only if we have guests but also if we are alone and want to relax, we need to have great music ready to be heard. Close at hand so back from a bad day we can immediately find relief. In music tastes are tastes like colors but there are common sense rules such as not to exaggerate with the volume. There are selections already prepared ad hoc that can help us, some also contain sounds of nature, such as the rustle of leaves, the crashing of the sea waves and the tinkling of rain.

You can try one of these:

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