Water Resources: Acqua for Life supports Green Cross

Water Resources: Acqua for Life supports Green Cross

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The water resources and in particular the fresh water reserve I'm a an increasingly precious asset. It seems incredible but still today one in 9 people in the world still does not have access to drinking water.

Also worrying is the fact that the highest percentage of fresh water present on the globe is made up of ice and perennial snow which unfortunately, due to global warming, are inexorably reducing.

To give the possibility to access thedrinking water even to those born in areas of the planet where this problem is particularly critical, the Acqua for Life foundation promoted by Giorgio Armani renews its commitment with a new campaign to raise funds.

Until May 31, 2012 by purchasing an Acqua di Giò or Acqua di Gioia fragrance in the limited edition Acqua for Life, 100 liters of drinking water will be immediately donated.

By clicking on "Like" on the Acqua for Life Facebook page: 50 liters of water will be donated drinking water for Ghana and Bolivia, two states where access to drinking water is still extremely difficult.

Thanks to the commitment of Water for Life in 2011 it was made available drinking water to around 30,000 people in Ghana, including thousands of children.

To help spread the message of this humanitarian campaign, we invite you to share this infographic created by Red Cross in collaboration with Acqua for Life on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest account.

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