1st Photo Contest "Dogs at the North Park of Milan": vote for the winning shot!

1st Photo Contest

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The 1st Photo Competition titled "Dogs at the North Park of Milan”Has reached the final stage!

IdeeGreen is media partner of the initiative and in recent days I had the pleasure of participating as a member of the jury in the selection of the 13 finalist photos, dedicated to be used for a calendar distributed by the North Park Authority.

The shots received were really many even if not all the participants have carefully read the contest rules, with the consequence of not being able to be selected among the finalists.

The photographs had in fact to be in landscape format while many shots arrived vertically. Other photos did not meet the minimum technical resolution requirements necessary for printing on paper.

However in the end all the jurors expressed their preferences and we got to elect the 13 shots. Now the word or rather "the vote" goes to Social users! The photo that will be used for the cover of the calendar will in fact be chosen on the basis of the number of "Like" that will receive in the dedicated Facebook photogallery.

Below I propose you in a single screen and in strict alphabetical order 13 finalist photos with the name of the dog portrait.

After the photos you will find the link to the Facebook Album where you can express your preference. I am sure that, given the beauty of the shots and the "sweetness" of the subjects, the task will not be easy.

I honestly don't know which one to choose! :-)














Beautiful right? :-)

Now to vote for your favorite you just have to click this link that will take you to the dedicated photo album on the official Facebook page of the Parco Nord in Milan.

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