Earth Prize 2019, nomination also for the Fridays for Future

Earth Prize 2019, nomination also for the Fridays for Future

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World premiere at high altitude for the second edition of Earth Prize international, an award for environmental education and the landscape that once again shines the lights on those who are committed in a more or less creative and original way but always with a lot of passion, to raise awareness in the world regarding respect for the environment and landscape care. The appointment with Earth Prize 2019 is Wednesday morning, 11 September, at Palazzo Pirelli: at the prestigious Belvedere Jannacci, on the 31st floor of Palazzo Pirelli, the candidates will be nominated and some reasons given.

Earth Prize: what it is

Earth Prize Luino Lake Maggiore is an international award that was established in 2018, promoted by the Permanent Secretariat of the World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC network) and by the Administration of Luino (Varese, Italy) and has the aim of promoting and rewarding best practices in the field of Environmental Education. They can be aimed at any age group, not necessarily young people, because theattention to the environment it must be disseminated and disseminated at 360 °, and the prizes can be assigned both to literary and popular works and to films or television broadcasts, but also to landscape projects or particularly effective communication campaigns. Studies and researches that can raise public awareness on issues that are important to us should not be excluded.

To embrace all possible forms of environmental education and reward the best, even if of different kinds, the award includes four sections:

  • Publishing / Literature
  • Cinema and television
  • Excellent environmental practices
  • Gardens, Parks & Landscape

The idea that led to the creation of this award is to underline the urgency of looking after our territory and our environment and to make as many people as possible aware. It is not a niche topic for "die-hard environmentalists" but a problem that affects everyone, whether we like it or not, becauseIt has an increasingly clear effect on the economy, peace and health of all.

Going in search of people, organizations and projects that aim to protect and enhance landscapes and environmental resources, in the light of the climate changes underway, and enhance them, Earth Prize every year he wants to highlight good examples, also in the hope that they will be copied and become more and more numerous.

Earth Prize 2019: preview at Palazzo Pirelli

The world premiere of this award will be held on Wednesday 11 September in Milan. The event will be hosted at Palazzo Pirelli, in the magnificent space on the 31st floor, the Belvedere Jannacci. There will be some winners from last year, such as Francesca Marzotto Caotorta and some nominated this year, such as Friday for Future, Pedal Theater, Sensitive to change. Among the names circulating as possible winners, but which will not be present in this preview, the Indian Kiran Bir Sethi for his “design for change” method, the plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso, beloved for its Manifesto of the Nation of Plants and the Pallanza Water Research Institute (Blu Prize), for its multi-year work on Italian waters.

The occasion ofEarth Prize it is perfect for presenting the exhibition "Cinema ruined by climate change", also at Palazzo Pirelli, with a series of posters of famous films reinterpreted in the light of global warming by famous Italian designers. It comes directly from the Lido of Venice where it was presented by the Green Drop Award.

Earth Prize 2019: program

After 11 September, the appointment is in October when the awards ceremony, conferences and other events of Earth Prize. The 12 and 13 October, to be precise, and in Luino on the occasion of the World Day of Environmental Education.

The 2019 edition is dedicated to climate change seen by publishing understood in a multimedia sense. On 12 October in Luino at 9 pm the Award ceremony will be held at Palazzo Verbania. The Prize will be awarded Earth Prize 2019 / International, curated by WEEC members, and the Prize Earth Prize 2019 / Landscape, recognition of the City of Luino. An award also to the schools that have achieved the best energy saving performances. The evening will be animated by the various guests, with films and musical interventions.

On 13 October, again in Luino, we continue with the inauguration of the internal and external exhibition spaces at Palazzo Verbania and Lungolago and with the conference "Communicating environment and landscape in light of the climate emergency in progress ", valid for journalist credits. A perfect way to also celebrate World Environmental Education Day (October 14). In the afternoon, a visit to the Parco dei Fiori Astronomical Observatory is scheduled.

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