How to make Calle flower

How to make Calle flower

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How to make calla lilies bloom: what to do if our calla does not bloom. Indications on how to treat and make calla lilies bloom again.

How to grow calla lilies

Thecallethey are charming, noble and elegant flowers. Those who want to start cultivating calla lilies can start in mid or late spring, when the risk of late frosts is over and the soil is warmer. All instructions on thecultivation of calla lilies, indoors or outdoors, they are provided with the guide: "growing calla lilies in pots or in the garden". In this article we will focus on the problem ofcalla that does not bloom.

Calla that does not bloom

If yourscalla lilies do not bloomyou are probably doing something wrong in cultivation. The most common errors are:

  • Sun
    If placed in full sun, the calla does not bloom. The calla does not bloom even if there is little light. Ideally, the calla should be in a position where it is well sheltered during the hottest hours of the day. The calla lilies should only get direct sun in the morning and late afternoon.
  • water
    They love moist soil but not soaked in water. Do not irrigate with calcareous water (excessively hard tap water).
  • Fetilizer
    Are you sure you are using the right fertilizer? If you have purchased a generic fertilizer, it will be too rich in nitrogen and not suitable for calluses. In this case you will have onecalla lily full of leavesand devoid of flowers.
  • Plant depth
    The rhizomes should not be planted too superficially. If your calla has rhizomes that are visible or too superficial, it is normal that it cannot flourish again. Add fertile soil to the foot of the plant. The rhizomes should be placed at a depth of 10 cm.

Formake the calla lilies bloom againall you have to do is adjust the growing conditions and use specific fertilizers.

Potted calla that does not bloom

If the calla is in a pot and you have been growing it for several years, it is normal that it has lost flowering. Because? Because the calla lilies develop from rhizomes which multiply underground. Proceed to repot the calla, from what was a single plant, you will be able to obtain many calla ready toredirect.

The calla planted in pots, for more than a year, develops rhizomes which then need more soil and nutrients. Divide the rhizomes to get more callas.

How to make calla lilies bloom

Very important, for theflowering of the calla lilies, is to provide the right micronutrients to meet the needs of the plant.

When the flower buds appear (or in any case in mid-spring), you need to apply a liquid fertilizer to be administered once a week. The most suitable liquid fertilizer to stimulate the flowering of calla lilies, as well as having the classic macro elements such asnitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, must be rich in microelements such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc and boron. The fertilizer for flowering must be low in nitrogen, rich in phosphorus, potassium and microelements mentioned.

It is not difficult to find similar fertilizers on the market. If you have a fertilizer in your house to make geraniums bloom, you can use this, however, if you have to buy it, get something specific.

Among the various products on the market, we point out the organic fertilizer (of vegetable nature) Bio Bloom.This fertilizer is rich in micronutrients and plant-derived hormones to stimulate abundant flowering. On the package it says that it is suitable forgrowing plants indoors but, in reality, it is also perfect for those who grow in the garden, in the ground: the essential micronutrients, in fact, are the same both for those who grow at home, in pots, and in the ground. What changes are the doses and the frequency of fertilization. Those who grow calla lilies in pots will have to fertilize weekly, starting in spring and for the entire duration of flowering. Those who cultivate calla lilies in the ground will have to fertilize starting from spring but every two weeks.

Where to buy this fertilizer? In Garden Centers it is possible to find very similar formulations but if you prefer to buy and sell online the product is available on Amazon at a price of 9.08 euros with free shipping. For all additional info, please refer to the official page: Bio Bloom, 500 ml bottle. The fertilizer is suitable for both flowering plants and fruit plants, so it can find many uses.

Calla that does not flower and has yellow leaves

If thecallapresentsyellowed leaves, you should probably move cultivation. Thecallethey fail to thrive in full sun. The calla lilies exposed in full sun do not bloom and produce a large number of pigments as a defensive mechanism of direct exposure to sunlight. Thecallethey need a lot of light but no direct sun. Move the pots and keep the soil moist to restore the plant to its former glory.

Other flowering plants that do not bloom

Therecallait is not the only flower that sometimes has difficulty in blooming. Much more demanding are the poinsettia and orchid blooms. Every year, we buy a new poinsettia precisely because we are unable to make the old plant bloom again ... and some people have the same experience with the orchid. In this context, we invite you to read the guides to make these two plants flourish:

  • How to make the orchid bloom again
  • How to make the Christmas star bloom again

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