National Observatory on Smart Cities

National Observatory on Smart Cities

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At what point are the Italian cities? Examples of Smart Cities? These doubts will soon be answered thanks to the new Memorandum of Understanding for the management of the National Observatory on Smart Cities. The agreement was signed between ANCI and FORUM PA. The most imminent goal? Create an aggregator of projects, experiences, virtuous examples and concrete of the preparation of Smart Cities in the Italian municipalities. A sharing of intentions and experiences in order not to make mistakes and facilitate the progress of dissemination of smart cities in Italy.

“Mapping and networking the experiences already started by the Italian municipalities, identifying the technological solutions and programming tools adopted, highlighting the obstacles that still exist, developing analyzes, researches and replicable models, promoting knowledge, collaboration, communication.“Among the first steps to take is the realization of one community ad hoc, why is it necessary?

About half of the world's population lives in cities. Cities consume 75 percent of global energy, they are responsible for 80 percent of harmful emissions and produce 75 percent of the waste. The project of Smart Cities it can no longer be postponed, the need for smarter management and a more sustainable and more human-sized city is becoming increasingly urgent.

Thanks to European and national funding, the word "Smart City"Has entered the agenda of some Italian municipalities. It goes without saying that there is still a long way to go, of course, one is not enough community of municipal and local representatives and the organization of co-learning workshops for cities that want to take the road of smart city, but it is already a great start, even if you think about the near future.

The creation of Smart City it is a topic of great interest throughout the industrialized world. It is interpreted as a strategy to respond to the crisis in an innovative way and it is necessary to open a dialogue with the central government. Italy needs more action and the memorandum of understanding for the management ofNational Observatory on Smart Cities it really intends to act in practice.

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