Lapka Kit, the detector for iPhone

Lapka Kit, the detector for iPhone

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Thesmartphone, with their multiple applications, they prove to be very functional in every aspect of daily life. Applications to find a place, to recognize marine species, plants, a piece of music ... are now on the agenda. But as an old slogan says ... There is an App for Everything! Maybe even to recognize organic foods and detect the quality of the environment in which we live.

Thanks to a new application for iPhone and al Lapka Personal Environment Monitor (a small pocket kit) it will be possible to control what we eat, what we breathe and so on. This application, combined with a set of independent sensors, will be able to analyze thebiological foodwe're about to eat. It will also be able to control radiation, electromagnetic pollution of the environment, the temperature and humidity of the air we breathe.

Lapka kit. Operation
These are 4 sensors and 4 peripherals covered in wood and white plastic that are connected to the iPhone through the headphone jack. The first sensor measures the temperature, the second the environmental humidity, the third the electromagnetic radiation. The fourth, the most interesting one, detects the concentration of nitrates present in the food, through a steel probe to be inserted into the food to be analyzed. Nitrates, substances frequently used in chemical fertilizers, have a concentration inversely proportional to the biological nature. In this case, if the presence of nitrates is reported in the food, it cannot be biological!

A revolutionary application that creates interesting assumptions about the possibility of transforming your own smartphone in small stations for surveying the surrounding environment. The Lapka kit it will be available from December 2012 for a cost of around 170 euros. If you are interested in such sensors, Sensodrome is already available.

the iPhone will now be able to unmask the fake bio!

Video: Lapka Personal Radiation Monitor Evaluation (July 2022).


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